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5 May
50 Year Luncheon (pre 1969)
10 May
10 Year Reunion (Class of 2009)
24 May
20 Year Reunion (Class of 1999)
7 June
London Network Event 2019

50 Year Luncheon (pre 1969)

Sunday 5th May 2019

An invitation to all Old Boys who left school in 1969 or before.

The Headmaster of Camberwell Grammar School, Dr Paul Hicks and the The Old Camberwell Grammarians’ Association have pleasure inviting you and your guest.

The '50 Years Chapter' is the school’s way of acknowledging its respect of, and gratitude to, past Camberwell Grammarians for the part they have played in setting and maintaining the standards of our school.

DATE: Sunday 5 May 2019

TIME: 12.00pm for 12.30pm

Confirmed Attendees To Date

Ken Lyons (1942) with Sandra Seabrook
Colin Bell (1944) with Jean Bell
Geoff Cormack (1945) with Margaret Cormack
Robert McKaige (1945)
Sam Cant (1946) with Carmelle Cant
Ian Angus (1948)
Bruce Church (1948)
Ian Kirwan (1948) with Lorraine Kirwan
Ross Munro (1948)
Brian Pierson (1948) with Elaine Pierson
Donald Swanton (1948) with Kate Swanton
Barrie Wiltshire (1950) with Marj Wiltshire
Owen Lloyd (1952)
Brian Little (1955)
David deKretser (1956) with Jan deKretser
Jeff Hore (1956) with Beverley Hore
Anthony McClellan (1957) with Margaret McClellan
Greig Provan (1957) with Elaine Provan
Graeme Ballard (1959) with Helen Ballard
Ian Woodside (1959) with Isobel Woodside
Chris Bridgland (1960)
David Horsburgh (1960) with Robin Horsburgh
Stephen Lee (1960)
Bill Rooseboom (1960)
Geoff Smith (1960)
Max Tritton (1960)
Gregory Taplin (1961)
Peter Cowell (1962)
Irving Lenton (1962) with Rosemary Lenton
Michael Cheshire (1963) with Joy Cheshire
Terry Yelland (1963) with Tammy Yelland
Barry Church (1964)
David Bellairs (1965) with Robin Bellairs
Greg Beeton (1965) with Celia Beeton
Chris Charge (1965)
Ken Davis (1965)
Ian Mellett (1965)
David Richmond (1965)
Andrew Preston (1966)
Brian Chambers (1968)
Rodger Madigan (1968)
Ron Camier (1969) with Anne Camier
Greg Day (1969) with Creina Day
Bill Gair (1969)
Bob Hanson (1969) 
Chris Kelly (1969) with Helen Kelly
John Mehan (1969)
Richard Mullett (1969)
Trevor Rosen (1969) with Kim Rosen 
Rod White (1969)
Rodney Williams (1969) with Gai Williams
John Allen
David Bird