Wed 28 Feb 7:15am - 8:45am

The President and Commitee of the OCGA invite current CGS students with their Alumni relative/s (grandfather, father, uncle, brother) for breakfast.

TIME                7.15am

VENUE:          Camberwell Room, Sports Centre


A photo of attendees will be taken at the end of the breakfast.

Confirmed attendees:

Graeme Ballard (1959), Simon Ballard (1987) and Thomas Cooper (2022) with Josh

Andrew Webb (1965), Anthony Webb (1991) with James and Elliott

Phillip Weickhardt (1965), David Weickhart (1993), Andrew Weickhardt (1995), Gregory Weickhardt (1998) with Charlie, Tom, Ben, Matthew and August

Ken Stevens (1968), Adam Stevens (1992), Nick Stevens (1996) with Hugo

Richard Allsop (1980) with Matthew

Steven Chau (1980) with Conrad

David Haintz (1983), Mal Osborne-Smith with Jackson and Sam

Paul Lee (1983) with Jaiden

Egan Smith (1983) with Jamison

Stuart Cran (1984) with Hugh

Sunil Vohra (1988) with Kamran and Ethan

Ken Chin (1989) with William and Kingston

David Hamilton (1989), Matthew Hamilton (1991) with Joshua

Richard Nash (1989) with Benjamin

Justin Smith (1989) with Ryder

Ross Alexander (1991), Michael Alexander (2022) with Max

Simon Chan (1991) with Brylan

Lachlan Haig (1991) with Jonathon

Anthony Richardson (1991) with James

Rohit Chopra (1992) with Ashwin

Paul Gooch (1992) with Oliver

Gary Hughes (1993) with Oscar

Hamish Evans (1994) with Archie

Seong-Lee Ang (1994) with Nathan

Ryan Whitehead (1994) with Smith

York Chan (1995) with Zachary

Richard Jenkins (1995), John Jenkins with James

Harley Jenkin (1996) with Jamie

Di Li (1999) with Gavin

Simon Chong (2000) with William