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30 April
50 Year Chapter Luncheon
4 May
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5 May
10 Year Reunion (Class of 2007)
18 May
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19 May
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50 Year Chapter Luncheon

Sunday 30th April 2017

An invitation to all Old Boys who left school in 1967 or before.

The Headmaster of Camberwell Grammar School, Dr Paul Hicks and the The Old Camberwell Grammarians’ Association have pleasure inviting you and your guest.
The “50 Years Chapter” is the school’s way of acknowledging its respect of, and gratitude to, past Camberwell Grammarians for the part they have played in setting and maintaining the standards of our school.
DATE:  Sunday, 30 April 2017
TIME:  12.00pm for 12.30pm

Confirmed Attendees To Date

Colin Bell (1944) with Jean Bell
Ted Bailey (1945) with Wendy Watson
Geoff Cormack (1945) with Margaret Cormack
Ken Davis (1965)
Rob McKaige (1945) with Sas Derham
Sam Cant (1946) With Carmelle Cant
Henry Frohlich (1947) with Jenny Frohlich
Ian Angus (1948)
Bruce Church (1948)
Ian Kirwan (1948) with Lorraine Kirwan
Ross Munro (1948)
Peter Parsons (1948) with Robin Parsons
Brian Pierson (1948) with Elaine Pierson
Donald Swanton (1948) with Katie Swanton
Peter Anderson (1950) with Pam Anderson
John Collins (1950)
Brian Hansford (1951) with Dorothy Hansford
Ian Hopkins (1951) with Barbara Hopkins
Brian Morris (1951) with Joan Morris
John Tribe (1951) with Heather Favero
Owen Lloyd (1952)
Bruce Wagner (1952) with Lee Wagner
Barrie Wiltshire (1952) with Marjorie Wiltshire
Barrie Provan (1953)
Don Johnson (1954) with Geraldine Johnson
Brian Little (1955)
Barry Pontifex (1955)
David de Kretser (1956) with Mark de Kretser (1983)
Jeff Hore (1956)
Rod Lamborn (1956)
Michael Pontifex (1956)
John Wickens (1956)
Alan Box (1957)
Ian Ellis (1957)
Richard Jones (1957)
Anthony McClellan (1957) with Margaret McClellan
Russell Trittton (1957 with Andrew Tritton
John Usher (1957)
Jim Arnstrong (1958) with Vivienne Armstrong
David Cheney (1958)
James Kibel (1958) with Jill Kibel
David Perry (1958)
Barry Strachan (1958)
Ian Box (1959)
Ken Campbell (1959)
Chris Finley (1959)
Chris Timpson (1959)
Ian Woodside (1959) with Isobel Woodside
Chris Bridgland (1960)
Mike Norris (1960)
Ron Pascoe (1960)
Bill Rooseboom (1960)
Geoff Smith (1960)
Max Tritton (1960)
Geoff Molloy (1961)
Greg Taplin (1961)
Peter Cowell (1962)
Michael Cheshire (1963) with Joy Cheshire
Terry Cheshire (1963) with Janet Cheshire
Bruce Davis (1963) with Annette Moran 
Terry Yelland (1963) with Tammy Yelland
Lindsay Banks (1964) with Diane Banks
Barry Church (1964)
Russell Covell (1964) with Patricia Covell
Peter Molloy (1964)
Barry Box (1965)
Chris Charge (1965)
Robert Haysom (1965) with Pam Haysom
Ian Mellett (1965) with Chris Mellett
Gil Davidson (1966) with Daphne Davidson
John Matthews (1966) with Jan Matthews
Chris Seeger (1966) with Andrew Seeger (1973)
Andrew Arblaster (1967)
Graeme Bethune (1967)
Clive Bridges (1967) with Denise Bridges
Peter Clements (1967)
Bill Gray (1967)
John Harding (1967) with Sonja Harding
Richard Hopkins (1967)
Brian McPhail (1967) with Sue McPhail
Ian Molloy (1967) with Roslyn Molloy
David Newnham (1967)
Max Pegram (1967) with Deborah Pegram
Andrew Sladen (1967) with Felicity Sladen
Tom Stephenson (1967) 
Tony Dennis (1968)
David Bird
Ian Mason with June Mason