Old Camberwell Grammarians' Association



April to early September

Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA) - Section B

In season 2008 we have 4 teams. Seniors, Reserves, Under 19s and Club 18 (a more social team)

Training Times
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6.15pm to approx 7.45pm

About the club
The Old Camberwell Grammarians’ Football Club has been a successful club as part of the VAFA since it was created in 1960. To date the club has won 15 premierships including 6 Senior Team flags, the latest of these won in 2007- promoting the club to B section for the second time in its history. The competition in which it plays is very competitive but the club is a very social, relaxed environment off the field. The ‘Wellers’ enjoy a majority of Old Boys on its playing list but anyone is welcome to play and are encouraged to come down if they are interested in playing.


OCGCC - Old Boys Cricket

Earlier this year, a group of 2006 leavers started discussing the idea of playing cricket together, as Old Boys. There had previously been a place for Old Boys to play cricket together at Hartwell Uniting Old Camberwell Cricket Club, but as we discovered, the club had wound up a couple seasons prior.
We approached the custodian of the club, another old boy Andrew Webb (1965) to discuss the resurrection of the club, which has now taken place through the efforts of Andrew, Nick Brown (2006) and Brendan Li (2006) over this Winter. Conversations with the OGCA, and now just recently the school Sports Department, has provided us with great optimism for the future of the club. 
Through the combined efforts of all mentioned above, the club is up and running! We are entering a single team into the Mercantile Cricket Association for the 2015-16 season. We are currently training on Sunday afternoons before the season kicks off (October 10th), with Old Boys from 2006, 2008 and 2009 all coming down for a hit - just through word of mouth, with many more old classmates expressing interest.
For the upcoming season one of the first things we did was secure a temporary home ground for the duration of this season at Fawkner Park before hopefully playing at the school for the 2016-17 season. 
Trainings are currently scheduled for once a week with games to be played predominantly on Saturdays from October through March. We would like to encourage anyone who has thought about playing cricket again or just reconnecting with their mates or with the school itself to get in touch and come down and have a hit 2015 and other recent leavers are very welcome to come and join us.
Our goal is to create a club which has a rich connection with the school, and for cricketers of all abilities to come together and play - just like the happy days at school. 



Early April until Early September

The OCGA Soccer Club fields teams in the Football Federation of Victoria.
They play in the Provisional Soccer League(South-East) - Div 1

The club fields 3 teams:
Seniors and Reserves play in the Provisional Soccer League
Veterans/seniors play in the Mens Thirds Metro South East

About the Club
Old Camberwell Grammarians Soccer Club was established in 1984. The club currently resides at Deepdene Park on Whitehorse Road in Balwyn. The club was originally formulated to provide an avenue for soccer players post schooling years and other interested soccer players in the area to enjoy the 'world game' in an enthusiastic club environment.

Originally the club fielded a Seniors and Reserves team in the Amateur League (sometimes two games were played each weekend) and has now progressed to fielding a Seniors and Reserves team in the Provisional League Division 3 South East and a Veterans / Thirds team in the Thirds Metro Division within the Football Federation Victoria.

The club has traditionally strong ties with Camberwell Grammar and has assisted, and going forward, will escalate its assistance to the progress of soccer through the school. The ability for players to have an avenue to progress and continue involvement with soccer beyond their schooling years is encouraged and fostered.

The club has prided itself on its ability to grow and promote an environment where the game of soccer can be enjoyed. When we run out on the park the mantra is one of tough but fair. The club is a haven for enjoyment and comradery.


** The Murray River Marathon will be celebrating its 40th and final race at the end of the year. The Old Boys have always enjoyed a strong representation at the race and it would be great to get 2 boats on the river for the last time. The kayaking committee will be meeting in September, if you would like to attend the meeting to express your interest in being involved in the marathon you are more than welcome to attend. The MRM organisers are expecting hundreds of paddlers to take part and as such entry numbers will be capped so it is important to enter the OCGA teams as soon as possible.

For more information click here to visit the MRM website, to express your interest being involved in the MRM contact the Development Office at CGS.
p- 9835 1742
e- .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The OCGA Kayaking Team or 'Wallies' as they are more commonly known, launched their first boat in 1998 to enable old boys who had competed in the Murray Marathon while at school, to continue enjoying the sport.

The Red Cross Murray River Marathon was established in 1969 and each year since has seen thousands of paddlers, support crew and officials from right across the world converge on the banks of the Murray River on December 27 to take part in the longest annual canoe race in the world. Over five days, the event covers 404km of the Murray between Yarrawonga and Swan Hill. The school has entered a number of teams in the Schools Relay every year for the last decade and in 2002 was successful in winning the division for the first time! More information regarding the event can be found at the Murray Marathon website. The team made a stunning debut on the Murray that year finishing fourth in the Men's Open Relay having entered only one boat. In 1999 the Wallies returned with a bigger team and two boats one of which came first across the line, the other fifth in the Men's Open Relay. The 'Wallies' have remained competitive, continually finishing in the top 3 or 4 and in 2007 once again winning the open mens relay.


Early April to end of September (excluding finals)

Hockey Victoria Competition
Open (All Ages), Metro 4 East Division

One team

Training Times
No training

About the Club
The hockey club is collegiate group of people interested in playing hockey
to the best of our ability and catching up over a quiet drink after the
game. Team membership covers a broad span of ages from early fifties to
early twenties. We play a reasonable standard of hockey but not with the
objective of being the best team in Victoria - though certainly best in the
division is a goal. Our last premiership was a year ago and we are very
much looking forward to the next one.