Old Camberwell Grammarians' Association



OCGCC - Old Boys Cricket

Earlier this year, a group of 2006 leavers started discussing the idea of playing cricket together, as Old Boys. There had previously been a place for Old Boys to play cricket together at Hartwell Uniting Old Camberwell Cricket Club, but as we discovered, the club had wound up a couple seasons prior.
We approached the custodian of the club, another old boy Andrew Webb (1965) to discuss the resurrection of the club, which has now taken place through the efforts of Andrew, Nick Brown (2006) and Brendan Li (2006) over this Winter. Conversations with the OGCA, and now just recently the school Sports Department, has provided us with great optimism for the future of the club. 
Through the combined efforts of all mentioned above, the club is up and running! We are entering a single team into the Mercantile Cricket Association for the 2015-16 season. We are currently training on Sunday afternoons before the season kicks off (October 10th), with Old Boys from 2006, 2008 and 2009 all coming down for a hit - just through word of mouth, with many more old classmates expressing interest.
For the upcoming season one of the first things we did was secure a temporary home ground for the duration of this season at Fawkner Park before hopefully playing at the school for the 2016-17 season. 
Trainings are currently scheduled for once a week with games to be played predominantly on Saturdays from October through March. We would like to encourage anyone who has thought about playing cricket again or just reconnecting with their mates or with the school itself to get in touch and come down and have a hit 2015 and other recent leavers are very welcome to come and join us.
Our goal is to create a club which has a rich connection with the school, and for cricketers of all abilities to come together and play - just like the happy days at school.