Old Camberwell Grammarians' Association



Early April until Early September

The OCGA Soccer Club fields teams in the Football Federation of Victoria.
They play in the Provisional Soccer League(South-East) - Div 1

The club fields 3 teams:
Seniors and Reserves play in the Provisional Soccer League
Veterans/seniors play in the Mens Thirds Metro South East

About the Club
Old Camberwell Grammarians Soccer Club was established in 1984. The club currently resides at Deepdene Park on Whitehorse Road in Balwyn. The club was originally formulated to provide an avenue for soccer players post schooling years and other interested soccer players in the area to enjoy the 'world game' in an enthusiastic club environment.

Originally the club fielded a Seniors and Reserves team in the Amateur League (sometimes two games were played each weekend) and has now progressed to fielding a Seniors and Reserves team in the Provisional League Division 3 South East and a Veterans / Thirds team in the Thirds Metro Division within the Football Federation Victoria.

The club has traditionally strong ties with Camberwell Grammar and has assisted, and going forward, will escalate its assistance to the progress of soccer through the school. The ability for players to have an avenue to progress and continue involvement with soccer beyond their schooling years is encouraged and fostered.

The club has prided itself on its ability to grow and promote an environment where the game of soccer can be enjoyed. When we run out on the park the mantra is one of tough but fair. The club is a haven for enjoyment and comradery.